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Managing a company, in any industry, means overcoming numerous challenges:

  • Producing better results with fewer marketing dollars
  • Knowing the latest technologies and leveraging them to support your objectives
  • Maximizing operational capacity without exceeding your resources

Doing more with less is always a challenge.

Logistic Innovations provides dependable event management expertise, technology and resources to help companies keep pace with industry demands. We offer an integrated approach to event management blending strategic planning with precise implementation whether it's volume or boutique lecture bureau and series meetings, professional events or distance learning forums. We support corporations, associations and non profit organizations applying creativity and our passion for excellence to every task.

Products and Services

Planning and executing events can be time consuming and involved. Logistic Innovations will partner with you and work as an extension of your team to meet the objectives or your event. We can assist with just one portion or facilitate the event completely. We offer a wide range of event management services to help ensure the success of your event.

  • Logistic Management & Consulting
    1. Planning
    2. Venue Search & Selection
    3. Vendor Contracting & Negotiation
    4. Attendee Registration, Correspondence
    5. Database Management
    6. Finance/Honoraria Coordination
    7. Onsite Set Up & Management
    8. Reporting & Reconciliation
    9. Strategic Audience Generation
    10. Geographic Target Mapping
    11. The LOGIC Network
    12. Event Technology
    13. Meeting-in-a-Box™
    14. Gig-a-Box™
  • Full Range of Audio Visual Equipment & Services
    1. Accessories
    2. Audio
    3. Video
    4. Projectors and Screens
    5. Multimedia Projectors
    6. Computer Interfaces
    7. Lighting
    8. Draping
    9. Professional staff (audio, video, lighting techs and production and creative staff)

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